Weekly Roundup * October 2nd – 8th, 2022

Here’s what’s going on this week at the gym!

Week of October 2nd – 8th, 2022


No Member Birthdays this week 🙂


We will be a having a Halloween Party on Friday, October 14th from 7:30-10pm.  Bring your families and friends for games, goodies, and a good time!  See the flyer at the end of this post for more details.

Fall is here and its a crucial time to get a plan in place for your nutrition.  On average, people gain around 10 pounds over the holidays.  Let us help you get some solid habits formed before the candies and baked goods make their way into your home!  Schedule an InBody Scan by clicking the link below and we can have a brief chat about nutrition.

InBody Scans

All Vernal Fitness members are eligible for a complimentary InBody scan each month. Aside from tracking our performance in Wodify, body composition scans are the best way to track progress and measure results.


October 3 – 8

As we continue to work through our pause snatch pull cycle, higher volume back squat cycle, and split jerk cycle, encourage all members to work at higher weights than they’ve seen yet as long as good technique can be maintained.

This week’s workouts will primarily focus on moving weight while under fatigue. Re-tests of 22.3 and “Truffle Shuffle” will likely stand out as the week’s highlights; make sure to talk with your coach about the best ways to approach these workouts to maximize your specific goals.


The limited rest makes this a perfect WOD to try to hit higher heart rate zones (70-80%) and to practice recovering from bigger repeated efforts as quickly as possible.

We’re looking for consistent speed/power through each round!


Training at high intensities can help improve VO2max (the body’s ability to efficiently pull oxygen from the air and deliver it to the places in the body it’s needed).

Training here can help us to prepare for, and recover from, short, intense efforts in sport and in life!


Training at high intensities can help athletes improve VO2max (the body’s ability to efficiently pull oxygen from the air and deliver it to the places in the body it’s needed).

Training here can help us to prepare for, and recover from, short, intense efforts in sport and in life!


This should feel like an 8/10 from start to finish. We’re looking to hit some higher exertion levels today and sustain them until the end.

Improving MaxVO2 (our ability to use Oxygen to create energy) is known to reduce our risk of all cause mortality and can have massive implications on our ability to perform more work with less energy demand!

Choose a weight that allows them to complete at least 6-8 reps of the Devil’s Press with good movement quality.


Longer workouts at low intensity are a fantastic place to build aerobic capacity and improve our ability to metabolize fat as fuel.

These workouts should seem easier and more repeatable than some of the shorter, more intense workouts we see in programming.

Aim to work non-stop at a pace that you could sustain for much longer durations


Find a partner who is well matched to your intensity focus for today!

Wall Walks and S2OH can be scaled as needed to allow each partner to complete each movement with good quality each round. If movement quality decreases or need for rest breaks becomes too frequent, mid-workout scaling may be a good option.

The format today should allow you to continue to pump out a moderate effort when it’s your turn to work throughout the time allotted today.

Full workout descriptions and notes are available to all members of Vernal Fitness & Nutrition. For more info, email us here.


Often our job with SEMM coaching is to find the one small actionable item that can trigger habit change.

Some of you may have the misconception that you can’t fix your sleep without major life changes or without spending a lot of money on things like a new bed or new curtains.

The answers are almost always easier and cheaper. Some of the simplest habit changes that will yield the best results are:

  • Setting a cut-off time each day for caffeine intake
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Adhere to a consistent sleep and wake cycle, even on weekends
  • Avoiding screen/device use within an hour or more of bedtime
  • Blocking out light from your bedroom


When our body temperature is lowered it triggers our brains to prepare for sleep.

There are two ways we can hack this system to promote our urge to fall asleep.

  1. We can keep the temperature in our bedrooms lower than in the rest of the house. Even dropping your bedroom temperature by a few degrees will help to trigger sleep earlier.
  2. You can also elevate your body’s temperature by using a hot bath, shower, or sauna to elevate our temperature. Allowing your body to cool after it has been warmed above normal can also help to trigger the sleep process.  


Watch this video for 7 different movements to help with your overhead mobility.