Weekly Roundup * June 5th-11th

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Here’s what’s going on this week at the gym!

Week of June 5th – June 11th, 2022

Member Birthdays

Happy Birthday to
Gill O. & Laurie B


Our Kids Summer Camp program starts on Tuesday!  It’s not too late to get your kiddos registered 🙂

Our first monthly bring a friend event, “Gains & Games” will be next Friday, June 17th. See the flier below.

A T-shirt and Tank top order will be going in on June 17th, please click here to get your order placed and paid for.



After working on technique for the last month, we will max out on the clean (power or squat, athlete’s choice), followed by a spicy lower body workout.


Pairing conditioning with bodyweight gymnastic movements will create a unique challenge today. The ability to move our bodies through space is essential to nearly everything we do in the gym and outside of it. The skill/strength portion today will combine interval runs and Turkish get-ups. The workout will be a combo of metabolic conditioning and gymnastics.


Our strength portion today will be a fun snatch complex that will help us dial in on technique. The WOD will put that technique to the test, as well as spice things up with some biking.


Today we are introducing our ‘midline madness progression’ that will strengthen the midline and fine-tune the shaped required to kip. Our WOD will be a fun AMRAP of box jumps, sit-ups and some front rack carries.


We will finish up our box squat cycle today, followed by a 3 movement EMOM that will get your heart rate up and throw in some heavy front squats (athlete’s choice weight).


Our partner workout today will be an ‘I go, you go’ style, putting our shoulders to the test! This workout will have you breathing hard and feeling swole 😜


A daily ritual is one of the best ways to make good consistent choices around sleep. 

We schedule a lot of things, meetings, medical appointments, workouts, social get-togethers.   Why do we schedule them?  Because it increases the likelihood that we will attend them! 

I encourage you to make your sleep a priority by scheduling/setting reminders for the following: 

-Bedtime needed to get eight hours of quality sleep
-Reminder one hour before scheduled bedtime to disengage from screen time
-A reminder of a cut off time for caffeine

Need more suggestions for getting better sleep?  Click here and we will send you a list!


This week we will be in a front rack position twice and good mobility will be key in being able to get into this position.

Below are 6 drills to improve your front rack mobility.

  1. Three part wrist and elbow extension
  2. Banded elbow distraction
  3. Thoracic extension over roller
  4. Overhead banded mobilization
  5. Dowel shoulder external rotation
  6. Front rack banded wall slide

Click here to head to Gym Shark to read the full article, see videos/pics and detailed instructions.

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