Weekly Roundup * November 27th – December 3rd, 2022*

Here’s what’s going on this week at the gym!

Week of November 27th – December 3rd, 2022


December 1st – Becky D.


Please reserve your class at least 12 hours in advance.  If there is no one logged into class, we can’t guarantee that a coach will be at the gym.  If you don’t know how to do this, please watch this video –> CLICK HERE.

If you absolutely don’t want to use Wodify, please text the gym phone to let us know what days/times you will be in class, again, at least 12 hours in advance.

December is almost upon us and that means it’s BINGO TIME!!! If you weren’t here last year, in December we play bingo to win prizes.  Every time you complete a square you take a picture and either post it to social media using #vernalfitness, or send the picture to (435)919-5117.  Every time you get a BINGO, you will get a prize and the first person to a blackout gets the grand prize!  If more than one person gets the blackout, all names will go into a drawing for the grand prize.  Cards are $5 each and are available starting Monday.

InBody Scans

All Vernal Fitness members are eligible for a complimentary InBody scan each month. Aside from tracking our performance in Wodify, body composition scans are the best way to track progress and measure results.


November 28 – December 4

We will kick off December with week three of our “Push + Pull” cycle and dive into some favorites with “Nice Snatch,” which will have a long time domain but provide members the opportunity to snatch heavy while under fatigue, and “Naomi” which will look and feel a lot like an Open style workout.


Choose a Devi’s Press weight that is heavy, but allows you to move with good mechanics!

Really focus on breathing through the Burpee Pull-Ups.

Controlling breathing throughout the workout can help to manage effort for the full 7 rounds – start slow and increase pace and intensity as able throughout the WOD!


Like a 5k run, a 5k row is a great measuring stick of our fitness!

Set a sustainable pace with the goal of completing the distance as fast as possible for your fitness level.

75-85% of max heart rate can be used as a good benchmark for pacing early on with increased effort and intensity as you enter the second half of the workload.

Those who are monitoring heart rate can gather some great data today that can be re-tested as a benchmark workout in the future.


Go hard on the bike today and practice good core bracing and breathing techniques through the Push Presses. These should be challenging but allow you to complete the early rounds without having to re-rack the bar.

The 30 second rest won’t feel like it is long enough but it will help by providing some recovery time between rounds.


Due to the duration of today’s WOD we’re looking at either building some solid aerobic capacity or dipping into lactate threshold.

For those working on lower end aerobic capacity we’re targeting 60-70% of max HR, this should feel easy and repeatable.

For those looking to push the pace and work on lactate threshold training we’re aiming for a quick, sustained pace (around 70-85%) of max HR.
Choose a moderately heavy weight that you can move well in both versions of the Snatch.

Adjustments can be made to the weights throughout the workout as needed.


This WOD should elicit some solid muscular and respiratory discomfort! Approach this workout with the goal of achieving a 8-9/10 level of effort through the entire WOD.

This one should be quick and sweaty!

Pick a pullup version that doesn’t require large breaks to complete the higher rep sets.

Embrace the intensity and move quickly through the Burpee Box Jump Overs focusing on breathing and full range of motion.


Saturdays are for getting sweaty with a friend!

Approach this workout with the goal of achieving a 7-8/10 level of effort through the entire WOD.

Pick a partner who can match their energy and pace (or one that will push you to work harder!)

Break up reps and scale as needed to eliminate the need for large rest breaks or sloppy movement!

Go into the WOD with a plan for switching off work/rest intervals and stick to it as long as possible!

Full workout descriptions and notes are available to all members of Vernal Fitness & Nutrition. For more info, email us here.