Weekly Roundup * June 19th-25th

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Here’s what’s going on this week at the gym!

Week of June 19th – June 25th, 2022

Member Birthdays

Happy Birthday to
Dustin S. & Sarah S. – Tuesday, June 21th


Our first monthly bring a friend event, “Gains & Games” was a blast!  We are looking forward to next months, already!

See the attached flyer for details 🙂



Today’s WOD is a throwback from our “Wonder Woman” Series and will be a sprint-style barbell workout consisting of burpees, clean and jerks, and snatches. The strength portion will continue to build confidence in the snatch, hitting 2 hang + 1 snatch.


For our strength, we will build to a 3 rep heavy thruster, followed by the classic benchmark, “Jackie”.


Our workout today will test both physical and mental endurance by pairing the echo bike and box jumps in a 20 minute EMOM.


Lots of gymnastics work on the agenda for today, starting off with the final week of our midline madness EMOM. Afterwards, we will redo 17.2, which is a great test of dumbbell-based strength work paired with high-skill gymnastics.


Week two of our vertical and horizontal press EMOM will increase in weight, decrease reps on the dumbbell shoulder presses, and increase volume on the hand-release push-ups. From there, we’ll get after a tough mental test with “Ah Push It”, pairing push jerks and running sprints.


Today we will be working on controlling the eccentric phase of a deadlift, which is a crucial piece for strength and power development and is an excellent tool to incorporate to help get over a PR plateau. After the strength portion, we will get right into our 22 minute partner AMRAP of deadlifts, burpees, and double unders.


Are you taking ownership of your own post-workout recovery?

If you’re finding yourself extra sore a day or two after your workout, you might not be recovering well!

Below are three ways to help with muscle soreness:

1. Post workout cool down/stretching
This will help to bring your heart rate back to resting levels, flush lactic acid and prevent soft tissue adhesions 

2. Self-myofascial release
Also known as foam rolling, or using lacrosse balls, etc. Done well, this can help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, inflammation, and increase active range of motion.

3. Active recovery
Walking, using the stairs, and moving through a full range of motion are all easy things we can do the day after a tough workout to ensure adequate recovery and to reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  

Movement, hydration, and self-myofascial release are our best weapons against DOMS.

In the days following your muscle soreness, these recovery workouts may help prevent or reduce soreness:

  • yoga
  • stretching or resistance band exercises
  • walking or easy hiking
  • swimming laps
  • easy cycling

At Home Workout

Warm Up:
:30 Up-downs
:30 Push-Ups
:30 V-Ups
:30 Straight Leg Sit-Ups
:30 Supermans

EMOM X 8 Minutes
Min 1: :40 Hollow Hold
Min 2: :40 Alt. Birddogs

“Remote Pacemaker”
4 Min Max Burpees
Rest 1:00
4 Min Max Air Squats
Rest 1:00
4 Min Max Sit-Ups
Rest 1:00
4 Min Max Up-downs

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