Is CrossFit Safe?

Google search “Is CrossFit safe?” and you will get many conflicting answers.

The last thing we want to do is add to that confusion.

As with any sport, there is risk. Even going for a walk, you could trip and twist your ankle. It’s all about the environment you’re in and what precautions have been made to lower the risk of injury.


Personal Training not only fast tracks you to achieving your goals, but will also reduce the risk of injury.

Some of the ways we reduce the risk of injury here at VCF are:

1. Educated Trainers

Our staff is dedicated to their education, implementation and experience. Whether you’re in a class of 1 or 2 people, or a class of 10, you are getting personally trained. We make sure that you are doing movements correctly, picking appropriate weights, and are pushing yourself, while being mindful of your limits.

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2. Effective Warm-ups

Every day we do something different and every day we have a warm-up that prepares you for whatever it is we are working on. Our warm-ups get your heart rate up, fires up your neurons, and warms up the muscles you’ll be using.

3. Functional Fitness

The movements that we do here at CrossFit are functional, meaning that by doing them, your quality of life may improve. They will make doing things outside of the gym easier, such as walking, standing, sitting, carrying, etc.

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4. Constantly Varied

Like I mentioned above, every day we do something different. That means we work all different muscles all over your body. This reduces injury by not overworking one body part.

5. Personal Training

Everybody starts their journey with one on one coaching. We help you build a solid foundation that will support your fitness journey. You will be able to enter group classes with confidence and a with a baseline.

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So, to answer the question, “Is CrossFit safe?”, I will say that it depends.  We pride ourselves in giving a safe and effective workout every single class, every single day.


Now you know HOW we implement safety here at VCF, lets get you in for a FREE consultation to see what your personal fitness journey will look like!

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