Weekly Roundup * August 28th – September 3rd, 2022

Here’s what’s going on this week at the gym!

Week of August 28 – September 3, 2022


No birthdays this week 🙂


Please remember to reserve your class time. If you need help, please watch this video for a quick tutorial.

Our next Gains and Games night will be Friday, September 16 at 6:30pm and the theme will be “Let’s have a Farkel Party!” . Please reserve your spot by filling out this form.

Looking ahead at the next month, we will observe Labor Day on September 5th, and class times will be 7am, 8am, and 4:30pm.

It’s always a great time to set down with a coach and talk about what your goals are and/or see if you’re making progress towards them. If you feel like you’ve plateaued, it might be worth a 5 minute conversation with one of our staff to help get things moving again for you. Click the InBody scan link below to schedule a time, or grab a coach after class.

InBody Scans

All Vernal Fitness members are eligible for a complimentary InBody scan each month. Aside from tracking our performance in Wodify, body composition scans are the best way to track progress and measure results.


August 29 – September 4

This will be the final (and heaviest) week of our percentage-based deadlift cycle.

We will also be working through week 2 of the “Clean Complex” and “Chest and Tris,” which will allow you to build slightly in load while still focusing on technique and a full range of motion.

This week’s interval-based workout is a spin-off of “Cindy,” which will split the 20-minutes into 5-minute blocks and add a run to start each round, giving it a bit more of a “Mini Murph” style feel.

Expect to move some slightly heavier barbells during “Deadly Duo” and “Space Balls” while putting the barbell cycling and conditioning to the test with a re-test of “Isabel.”


You will want to maximize your time working with an elevated heart rate by finding a light and sustainable pace in each round.

Intensity level should challenge your comfort zone, but it shouldn’t result in having to take long or frequent breaks!

Good active recovery on the shorter 1-minute rest breaks will be essential to keep work output consistent through each of the AMRAPs! 


Strength day!!!

Building strength through Powerlifting and Olympic lifting can help to boost our metabolic engine!
Bodies with more muscle than fat will burn more calories throughout the day, even when we aren’t working out.


Approach this WOD at a moderate (70-80%) intensity.

This will help with developing muscular endurance.

Pacing should allow for consistent, quality movement from start to finish!

The 2-minute rest break will be enough time to recover and match your output on the next interval.


Training at high intensities can help athletes improve VO2max (the body’s ability to efficiently pull oxygen from the air and deliver it to the places in the body it’s needed). 

Training here can help us to prepare for, and recover from, short, intense efforts in sport and in life! 


This should be a moderate sustainable intensity from start to finish, with higher power outputs on the Power Cleans and Wall Balls. 

Select a moderately heavy weight that allows you to complete the Power Cleans with good bar speed and sufficient time to recover before starting the Wall Balls. 

The goal will be to push the pace on the Wall Balls and elevate heart rate before recovering to baseline prior to the start of the next minute.


Learning to utilize more fat as fuel at the higher end of your aerobic capacity is the goal today.

Everyone should spend some time in zone 3-4 (moderate pace) each week to improve their aerobic capacity and boost their fat-burning efficiency.

These middle zones tend to be sustainable efforts and can make the body more efficient at using the energy it has available.

Full workout descriptions and notes are available to all members of Vernal Fitness & Nutrition. For more info, email us here.


Our SEMM focus as always: do them well and do them often!

SLEEP: 8 hours of quality sleep

EAT: real food only – if you haven’t planned your meals for the week – do it and set yourself up for success asap!

MOVE: focus on quality warmups and active recovery

MANAGE: find 10 minutes each day to focus on YOU – this can be breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, gratitude journaling or Bright Spots