The weekly ritual for success

how to set yourself up for success this week

The Weekly Ritual

One of the biggest take-aways I learned from our Habits Based coaching, is the weekly ritual.  It’s usually what makes or breaks my (and my nutrition client’s) success during the week.  It is one of the biggest factors of making consistently healthy choices.

“Selective Willpower” + Supportive Environments + Healthy Routines = Success!
This is what Sunday night looks like, as I try my best to “practice what I preach” as a Health Coach.

Every Sunday I plan my meals for the week.  I generally have the same breakfast every day, so that makes it pretty simple.  I will also pick two snacks (one for the morning and one for the afternoon) to have throughout the week.  Our dinners are different for every night during the week, but typically, we pick a lean protein, veggies, and a starchy carb.

Some of my snacks are:
-veggies & greek yogurt ranch dip
-mixed nuts/seeds
-fruit and light string cheese
-fat free cottage cheese & fruit or veggies
-hard boiled eggs & small salad

I like to take it one step further and prep as much of the food as possible, for convenience.  If I have healthy options prepped and ready, I’ll be more likely to reach for those, than the sweets!

What this looks like:
-Boil, cool, peel, and store my eggs
-Wash, cut, and store my veggies
-Pre-portion nuts & seeds in little baggies or containers
-Cook, dice, or slice my lean meats

I also like to make sure all of my workout gear is ready to go the night before.  Struggling in the dark, trying not to wake anybody up to find all of my gear doesn’t help to start my day the best way!  Getting in the groove first thing in the morning helps me feel confident, clear headed, and prepared for my day, for my clients, family, and work.

Feel free to share this tip with your own clients, friends, or family (if relevant), ignore if this doesn’t align with your approach to self-care and healthy living.  I do hope that this example might inspire you to think about prepping and getting your next day ready the night before, to help you head into the week and your days with a little more calm and readiness.

I can guarantee after repeatedly doing this, it increases efficiency, decreases decision fatigue, and ensures that you’re set up for a great week of positive self-care habits.

If you would like to read more about why a routine is beneficial to your health, click here.

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